I'm Nick, and I know that literally every writer likes to talk about how they've been "reading and writing for as long as they can remember." So instead of making it sound like some divine calling I knew from a young age, I'll just tell you the detours and fuck-ups that happened along the way.

  • I have a Technical Degree in Graphic Design even though I'm about as artistic as an ape.

  • I have a Bachelor's degree in Sociology even though I never did the readings.

  • I invested over a thousand dollars in a multi-level marketing company and made negative amounts of money.

  • I worked in a commission-only B2B sales job and never made a sale.

  • I've traveled hours for auditions that didn't land me any roles.

Point is, it took several years of meandering about to get here and I'm still questioning my decision. That said, I know writing's the thing you couldn't stop me from doing if you tried, and I'll probably do it till I'm dead.

What I'm reading: Fantasy & Science Fiction, March/April 2019 Issue
What I'm learning from it: Reading a great story reminds me why I do this.

What I'm writing: How May I Be of Service?
What I'm learning from it: Sometimes, things get better if they’re in a drawer for a while.