• Start of combat 
    “You dare stand before the power of the void?”
    “I’ve seen things you couldn’t hope to comprehend. Stand aside!”
    ”You’re just tiny lights, blinking out like fireflies.”

  • Low health
    “He calls me to him.”
    “Were the visions wrong?”
    “It wasn’t supposed to be like this.”

  • Taunt  
    “He hungers for you. Can you hear him?”
    “I am the conduit! He is the power!”
    “The stars foretold this moment. What hope do you have?”

  • Post-combat 
    “Stardust, that’s all you are now.”
    “Now their souls return to the black.”
    “Your deaths were fated.”


  • Start of combat
    “How did we get here?”
    “Wasn’t me, I swear!”
    “I’m sure none of us want to go through with this? No? Just me?”

  • Low health
    “We should...cut our losses.”
    “Exit strategy? Anyone?”
    “Should have bought that smoke bomb back in Waterdeep.”

  • Taunt
    “Now you see me, now you don’t.”
    “Hey! What’s that behind you?”
    “You don’t do this very often, do you?”

  • Post-combat
    “That could have been worse. Could have gone better, too.”
    “Dibs on the boots!”
    “Ooh, I see some full purses.”


  • Start of combat
    “A shame we couldn’t come to an understanding.”
    “All we wanted was all your worldly possessions. Is that so unreasonable?”
    “Another day, another party of foolish adventurers.”

  • Low Health
    “Maybe...we can negotiate?”
    “To me, you idiots! Your leader is bleeding!”
    “Oh that...that doesn’t go there.”

  • Taunt
    “You call that swordplay?”
    “I could write a whole book about that terrible display.”
    “‘There once was a warrior, as clumsy as he was stupid.’ What do you think? Too on the nose?”

  • Post-combat
    “I told you it would go this way.”
    “See, if you’d just done as we said, you’d still be alive. Probably.”
    “Oooh, look at all the shiny things you have! Excuse me, had.