I’m a freelance writer, copywriter, and blogger. I cut my teeth in the Fiverr trenches and did my time at the content mills. I’ve contributed to Craft Your Content as well as RPG blogs such as Gnome Stew and Tribality. I’ve written scripts for podcasts, copy for companies in the tech space, and more. If your business needs some word magic, let’s talk. In the meantime, here’s a selection of some of my favorite projects.


The Side Hustle School podcast helps entrepreneurs share their side hustle journeys. Every episode goes over an entrepreneur's successes as well as the bumps in the road, providing a raw look at how everyday people are killing it in the gig economy.

I reach out to sources and write up preliminary scripts that become episodes on the podcast.


This podcast was created for the Eastern Townships Research Centre, an organization dedicated to promoting and preserving the history of the Eastern Townships region of Quebec for over 30 years. This podcast covered the steam buggy built by Henry Seth Taylor in 1867. I wrote the script and did some voice-over work. The podcast was produced by Randy Piercey.


Featured on Craft Your Content, this article is about writing buddies, and why it’s good to have them. More importantly, it’s about focusing on what you can give a buddy rather than always thinking about what you’ll get out of them.


Featured on Craft your Content, this article is about notebooks and the things that go in them. Plus, a single controversial tip that’s bound to ruffle some feathers.


A review of the Kids on Bikes RPG, written for Gnome Stew. This was my first time publishing a review, and this game has a special place in my heart.


Featured on Tribality, this article gives tips to Dungeon Masters about building worlds for their campaign. I’ve been world building for several years, and wanted to share some of that experience.