I've been sick for nearly a month and a half now. It started out simply enough, with swollen tonsils that led me to believe I was suffering from a bacterial infection of some kind. After a full run of antibiotics, the problem didn't go away, and I saw a nurse for the second time (within the private sector, because there was no way I was waiting five hours for a "sore throat" diagnostic). They were a bit stumped because I had no symptoms beyond the tonsils (my throat wasn't even in pain). I was told it was viral, given some more pills and sent home.

Well, those symptoms sure hit.

It feels like I've got a cold more savage than Schwarzenegger's ice puns as Mr. Freeze in Batman and Robin. It could just be a bit old man cold, but in either case, it clogs the mind and slows the fingers. I wasn't too sure what to write on today anyway, things are either going too fast to document or slowing to an uninteresting crawl (mostly the latter recently). A fevered mind takes you to some strange places. Maybe I'll jot some of it down. Maybe I'll give everything up and become a cubicle drone. Maybe I'll be a secret agent.

One day at a time.