Get It Out There

No podcast this morning either; I really wanted to get the second part of 181 Wensworth Drive out there. That, and I’m hard at work on the novel, trying to get the third draft to look like something worthy of representation. It’s a difficult thing to look at what you’ve created and realized you need to chop a third of it off to rework it. But I think that’s the kind of thing that differentiates an amateur from a pro (at least in mindset). I could have easily convinced myself that the book was good enough, that I could send it out as is. I’m good at delusion. So at the very least, I’m glad I pushed myself to completely rewrite the third act of the book, even if it feels like pulling teeth. It’s just going to make for a better product overall, and even if it doesn’t get published, I can remind myself that my debut novel wasn’t actually that bad.

In the meantime, you can enjoy the next part of 181 Wensworth Drive right now. Just go over to “stories” in the navigation, and you’ll find it there.

Thank you to Malcolm for the massive props on the story (his words). You don’t know how much that means to a guy like me.