It's a word you need to get used to when you undertake an endeavour that strays from the beaten path. Doesn't mean hearing it sucks any less. A lot of us talk this big game about learning to fail and failure being the path to success. Fewer talk about how much it sucks to fail. It sucks to fail. Even when you know it's for the best, it sucks to fail. My latest failure? I thought I'd go out on a limb. I applied for a writing gig at a video game publisher in the big city. It was a full-time job, but I was all ready to grind it out, live in a shitty apartment with my asshole cat, and make the money I need to fuel my creative pursuits. After all, I'm writing a novel right now, and publishing that shit isn't cheap. I was already imagining it. A six-month contract of pure suck, where I'd put my money where my mouth was. I'd get up super early, commute, work for the man, go home and write. I'd work out in there somewhere too. I even imagined myself on a date in the city, a girl asking me what I do for a living. "I work, I write, I work out. That's about it." It would sound kind of lame, and maybe she'd give me a weird look, but I'd be proud. I was working towards what I wanted after all. Maybe she'd dig the artist type, and actually appreciate my dedication.

Then I got the email.

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