Novice Musings

I wanted to write a quick post. The first reason is I've let this blog down. The second is I wanted to talk a bit about what it's like to write a first draft. This might be a bit jumbled.

I've done enough back-patting and self-congratulation in the past few days. I want to focus more on the work itself. The idea had been bouncing around for a while, and because it stuck around so long I knew it was a good one. It took National Novel Writing Month before I went ahead and did it. Write a novel in a month. That's the basic challenge, and it seemed like a good way to jump into the process. With all that accountability, I'd have no choice but to dive in and keep going until it was done. I've been told I'm a fast writer; it's come up several times. I don't think I really believed the impact of that until I finished that draft. Writing it felt a lot like sloshing through a swamp (at least the way they're described in Max Brooks' Zombie Survival Guide). You start out looking over this weird marsh, knowing that you have to get to the other side. The first steps are fearful, weird even, as you get ready to cross this new terrain. You brought rubber boots, but you quickly realize they're not nearly tall enough. You can fell the water and muck seep in. The depth of the water changes as you head in, and you have to be careful not to trip over some log or rock hidden beneath the surface. There's some dry bits where you can rest for a bit

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