Mixed Feelings

I finished the second draft of Saviours of Falharest a few days ago. I have some feelings about it. I want to share them because maybe others have these feelings too.

It took two and a half months to write the first draft. I wrote for 2 hours nearly every day in that time. As I was writing the last page, I knew it was nearly done. I could feel it, and this adrenaline coursed through me like I was about to get punched in the face. When I typed in that last period, I felt like leaping out of my chair. I'd accomplished this, I was done. I'd done something I didn't think would be possible, something I never thought I'd accomplish. It's a bit of a stereotype: "new writer does thing that all other writers do and can't believe it." Truth is, there isn't much there that's impressive. There's no magic, no secret club of people who can do this thing. You just sit down and write, over and over again. That last bit is what gets most people, I think. I made it part of my day, and part of my life. That's the only reason I finished the thing. 

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