Why do I have to be so dramatic? It's not like I've had some amazing revelation, seeing everything in stark relief, completely upheaving my life. I have come to a few realizations lately, however.

I've ignored you all for some time now. I'd apologize for it, but instead, I'll let you know that it wasn't for nothing. First, I spent the past weekend embroiled in the production of a short film, something we've come to call "Mr. Right". It was our submission to a challenge from the Colchester Film Festival. Specifically, the challenge was to produce a short film of five minutes or less in 60 hours. No pre production before the start time, save for finding actors and locations. It was a fascinating experience. It was the first short film that we completed as a team. What was the team? We're calling ourselves Belding Projects, and have been for quite some time.

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