From Box to Character - 1 - Athalgas the Unicorn

What's "From Box to Character?" It's something a bit wacky I'm trying out, where I buy a box of Dungeons and Dragons (or Pathfinder) minis, pull one at random, and create a character for it. Kinda weird right? So why do it? Well, to be totally honest, I absolutely love minis. I've always been into tiny plastic things, starting with action figures as a kid. Add the randomized aspect of it, where you don't know what mini you'll get, and it's like crack for a guy like me (I play Magic after all). Now I've had minis in a tub for a while, going back to when I got my first D&D books. I couldn't have been older than 13. I got the Player's Handbook and the Dungeon Master's Guide (3.5), and couldn't wait to play high fantasy with my friends. Thing is, I didn't run any great adventures and forced my friends to play through a few terrible dungeon crawls (they never played more than a few times). There was no real story to these, just "oh hey, there's a room with some bad guys and some treasure inside". I limited myself to the minis I had. When you have a super random, varied assortment (eg. a Giant Praying Mantis, a couple orcs, a kobold paladin) it leads to some weird stuff. It's like I didn't understand that D&D's about creating, about letting your imagination create something fantastic, and then worrying about the hunks of plastic you'll use to represent those ideas much later. So in the spirit of doing things backwards, to challenge myself, and hopefully help people get more out of their minis, I'm going to put myself in that same situation again. I'm going to force myself to craft a good story from a random miniature. Now don't expect full adventures, I'll mostly focus on the character itself, then create a plot hook around it. Hopefully, this is more than just a challenging exercise, and you'll find some value from it! Feel free to use any of the stuff I come up with in your campaigns (though if you put it in a paid adventure, I'm gonna be salty). So what's our mini this week?

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