The Bandit’s Offer


The Hit Guys

After an ambush, Mahl, Cassius and Latch are captured by the bandits they were supposed to dispatch. But just a few hours after being thrown into a cell, Mahl and Cassius are grabbed by a group of bandits. Their leader, Rake, wants to speak to them. Download the script here.


Hollywood and Reno are “Hit Guys,” part of a national group of hitmen-slash-hired thugs. The group is run more like a union than a secret society, complete with regional managers and an HR hotline. Reno is on his way to pick up Hollywood, bringing coffee for the two of them, as a good co-worker should. Download the script here.


Mahl, Tiefling Warlock

Mahl knew she was different from a young age. It wasn’t just the skin and horns; her mother never let her leave the house. Mahl would sneak out, meeting with some of the other children in the woods. After an encounter with robed men chanting strange things, Mahl was the only one to make it back. Her mother was blamed, cursed as a witch, and burned at the stake. Mahl still hears that chanting now, accompanied by strange visions and new abilities.

Latch, Drow Thief

Latch deflects any attempts to learn her real name, or much of anything about her. All that anyone knows is conjecture; she left a position of power in Drow society years ago, possibly fleeing a failed scheme. She’s good with a knife, better with a lockpick, and she sizes up every room she enters, looking for exits and shadowy corners.

Art by  Anna Helme

Art by Anna Helme

Rake, Human Bandit

Rake likes to think of himself as a man of culture. Of course, as the only literate man in a company of cutthroats, the competition isn’t exactly fierce. He never expected to become a bandit leader, but after being kicked out of an acting troupe for decidedly roguish behaviour, he had to reinvent himself.


Lore: The Bloodstone

Art by  Shawn Brewer

Antediluvian empires crafted legendary artifacts that enabled them to communicate over incredible distances through twisted magics and blood sacrifices. Wizards spied on their rivals. Generals commanded their troops from the safety of their castle. Kings used them to rule. The Bloodstone is one such artifact, likely the last of its kind. When inert, The Bloodstone resembles a fortune teller’s crystal ball, filled with a swirling red mist. When the Bloodstone is placed in a pool of water with three drops of blood from the same creature, the mists will clear, potentially showing the user a glimpse of their target.

“The Bloodstone” was printed in the 2019 Gongfarmer’s Almanac, a Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG zine created for the Goodman Games booth at Gen Con 2019.